“At 62 years old, I feel fitter and slimmer than I have done for years. I’ve lost 12lbs in six weeks and over four inches from my hips, thighs and chest, and I’m hooked on power walking!”



"Keeping a food diary is a great discipline. It's made me think carefully about what I am about to eat and has highlighted all my bad habits. My eating has become far healthier as a result."

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"You are what you eat."




Weight Management & Nutrition


 Weight loss versus fat loss

The majority of my clients begin a programme of exercise with one common goal – to lose weight, or more correctly, fat. However, it is vitally important to look at what they are eating, since good nutrition will be the component that makes the biggest difference to weight loss, weight gain and overall weight maintenance.

I draw the distinction between weight and fat because it’s fat that we should be looking to lose.

Many ‘diets’ severely restrict calories and important food groups, which will certainly result in weight loss, but through the loss of water and muscle mass.

This weight is regained as soon as adequate calories are re-introduced, and a common cycle of yo-yo dieting starts up. Once on this particular treadmill, it’s hard to get off.


Diets don’t work!

If diets worked, the diet industry wouldn’t be getting so fat on its own success. There are countless ‘diets’ out there, many of which we’ve all tried at some time or another, often with amazing – yet, alas, relatively short term results.

To understand why diets don’t work, I use the analogy of a fire. A fire needs fuel to keep burning; if fuel burns low, the fire burns low. Throw on a log and the fire leaps into action.

Our bodies need fuel to keep burning energy. The less fuel we have, the lower that energy burn (metabolism) becomes as our bodies biologically switch on a starvation response to preserve fat stores for as long as possible. So the less we eat, the slower we burn, and the harder it becomes to lose fat.

My aim is to re-educate clients to eat in a way that will switch their metabolism back on.

This is by increasing the regularity with which they eat, decreasing the quantity they eat to ensure fat loss, and by replacing poor food choices with healthy, energy-giving alternatives.



Food Diary

I ask all clients who want guidance on nutrition and weight loss to use a food diary. This simply means writing down everything consumed over a weekly period, so that a clearer picture of where mistakes are being made is presented. The discipline of keeping one is also helpful to clients as it makes them think more carefully about what they are putting in their mouths!

Weight management can be run as a standalone service, or in combination with personal training. A ‘one-off’ nutritional consultation is charged at £40 and includes an initial consultation, a two week food diary to complete and a follow-up consultation. Further sessions will be charged depending on requirements.


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