"Having personal training with my neighbour has given us both the incentive we needed to start doing something. It’s fun together and we spur each other on. It’s also cheaper than one-to-one training!"

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"Having someone turn up for you once or twice a week means you won’t talk yourself out of a training session, so you’re far more likely to stay the course and reap the benefits.”

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Personal Training


What price do you put on your health?

It should be your first priority, a long term investment, something you just cannot put a price tag on. Yet all too often, despite all those feel-good hormones you get from exercise, not to mention a fit body and soaring self-esteem, it slips to the bottom of the priority pile.

All your good intentions to get fit go pear-shaped and fizzle out along with the new diet you went on – and it’s back to the couch.



Keeping fit is not rocket science. We all know that we should eat less and exercise more, yet few of us seem to get the long term balance right.

This results in diets that ultimately fail and bursts of enthusiasm for exercise that never last.

If you’ve:

  • Joined a gym but can’t motivate yourself to use it.
  • Set yourself a fitness goal but don’t know how to achieve it.
  • Been unable to find an enjoyable form of exercise you can stick to…

…then personal training may be just what you need to help keep your health as your number one priority and achieve your goals. My aim is simple:




To provide varied and enjoyable exercise that will challenge you in a personal, supportive and safe environment so that you see real results.


What will you get?

The advantages of personal training with me are numerous:

  • Access to my fully equipped, home-based gym complete with treadmill, rowing machine, spinning bike, free weights and core stability equipment.
  • A personalised programme meets your individual needs, yet ensures you are pushed sufficiently to see real results.
  • A combination of cardiovascular (pulse-raising) exercise to improve overall fitness and stamina, resistance training (using body weight and free weights) to improve body tone and shape by building lean muscle, and core stability training using a Stability Ball.
  • Progress is continuously monitored and adaptations made so your fitness continues to improve.
  • Variation - no two training sessions are the same as variety in your workouts is the key to maintaining the challenge, avoiding boredom and preventing you from reaching a fitness plateau, where you stop improving.
  • Your technique is continuously observed and corrected to maximise training benefits whilst minimising the risk of injury.
  • Choose your venue – the Chiltern Hills provide the best outdoor gym there is, with undulating and off-road terrain in fabulous countryside. So there’s no need to set foot inside the gym if you don’t want to - training in the great outdoors is a sure way of beating the blues and getting some fresh air.



What about the cost?

“The poorest man would not part with health for money, but the richest would gladly part with all their money for health.” (Charles Caleb Cotton).

Whilst it may seem like an expensive option, personal training can also be worth every penny if you compare it to a monthly gym membership plus joining fee that’s rarely used, or the potential cost to your health of doing nothing at all. It can also get you back in the gym on a regular basis if you’ve stopped going, giving you the motivation and confidence that may have held you back.



Initial consultation:

This is free of charge if up to six sessions are subsequently booked; otherwise a charge of £25 will be made.

During the consultation, you will be asked to fill in a health questionnaire, which we will chat through on completion. This will highlight any relevant information, such as medical history, injuries, restrictions, current diet and your goals. All information provided by you is confidential.


Personal Training:

£40 for a maximum of two ‘taster’ sessions, after which a commitment to six or more sessions will be required.

£225 for a block of 6 sessions.

£350 for a block of 10 sessions.


Why not cut the cost and train with a friend?

An easy way to reduce the cost of personal training is to train alongside a friend or partner, so long as your requirements are similar. I regularly train couples for an hourly rate of £40 per hour (£20 per person).

Call me on 07812 097562 to discuss further or book an appointment.