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Launched in 2006, Thame Out is a glossy A4-size complimentary magazine for the Thame area that is distributed on a quarterly basis. Since its second issue, in Spring 2007, Hilary has contributed regular articles on personal training, highlighting topical areas and client case studies to provide people with advice, tips and inspiration.

How to get Fab Abs

The truth is that there is no secret to great looking abs and no one all-timebest abdominal exercise you must do to get them. You do, however, need to train hard and eat sensibly to achieve flatness, definition and strength. Here I have tried to cover the fundamental 'secrets' that, if followed consistently, will get you there.


Dealing With Injury

Any sports enthusiast knows how frustrating it is when an injury occurs. Besides having to deal with the pain and discomfort, it can be very disheartening to see all that hard work seemingly go to waste. Yet the key is to manage your recovery so that you stay in the best shape possible, both physically and mentally, to get back on track.


Stretch it Out

Stretching should be an integral part of any sports activity, yet many of us - especially when pressed for time – decide to give it a miss and head straight for the shower instead. So just why should we stretch and how will it help in the quest for fitness?


Food for Thought

Getting your pre-exercise nutrition right is as important as putting the right fuel in your car if you want to consistently perform at your best. Get it wrong and a dip in energy levels may leave you struggling to complete your planned training session, resulting in a less than satisfactory performance. Get it right and you'll have plenty of energy to maximise your workouts – and ultimately your results.


Improve your Running

Whether you are a relative newcomer to running or are training for your umpteenth race, you may think that, fitness aside, running comes as naturally as breathing or eating. It’s true to an extent that everyone has their own running style and pace. However, this may not necessarily be the best technique for improving your endurance and speed, or for minimising your risk of injury.


Give Tri a try

Training in the winter can be tough as the days get colder and the nights draw in. Taking up a new exercise challenge is a great way to keep you motivated, giving you something to work towards when the prospect of a comfy sofa threatens to destroy all your good intentions. A triathlon could be just the ticket, giving you plenty of time to train for when the season starts in the spring.


Kick start your fitness with Kettlebells

Coming up with a variety of ways to keep your workouts challenging, enjoyable and progressive can be the biggest challenge of all. I am all for discovering new, multi-purpose ways to train both myself and my clients so, having heard the hype about Kettlebell training, decided to embark on a one-day training course to find out for myself if it’s a fad or a valuable fitness tool.


Finding the right Exercise Class

If you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise on your own, taking part in an exercise class can be a great way to get started, maintain variety, boost your fitness levels, meet others – and have fun while doing it. The key is finding the right class or classes to suit your taste and fitness level.


Lets Get Personal - One-to-One Training

Hiring a personal trainer may seem like an expensive luxury, but if your New Year resolution to get back down the gym has gone awry along with the diet you promised yourself you’d stick to, you may need to re-think your priorities – and your fitness. The advantages are numerous and the cost can be very good value, whatever your age, status or fitness level; after all, what price do you put on your health?


Not Fit To Exercise?

If you think that your state of physical health prevents you from even contemplating a programme of exercise, you may want to think again. There are very few people out there for whom some sort of exercise is completely contraindicated. In fact, many medical conditions that warrant special attention can be significantly improved through exercise. Our worst enemy, in nearly every case, is inactivity.


Blooming Fit

Gone are the days when being pregnant meant being told to put your feet up and rest. Research is increasingly showing that not only does it make for an easier pregnancy and delivery, but your baby is more likely to be healthier at birth. Hilary Westall guides mums-to-be in the right direction.



Weighty Matters

If diets worked, the diet industry wouldn’t be getting so fat on its own success. There are countless ‘diets’, many of which produce often amazing yet, alas, relatively short term results.

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Spring outside for Summer

If you find it harder than usual to get yourself to the gym when the weather’s warm and sunny, take heart. Everything you need for getting fit and working out is just beyond your front door, whether it’s the local park, your garden, a nearby field or the pavements. So rather than giving up on that beach body and ditching your gym routine altogether, why not just step outside?


Weighing up Weights for Women

One of the most common fitness myths that persists amongst women is that resistance training (also called weight or strength training) will turn them into the Incredible Hulk. Unless you are determined to look like Ms Universe by hitting the weights room with a vengeance, this ‘bulking up’ just won’t happen.


The Climb to Fitness

When Thame-based management consultant, Tim Jones, 45, decided to accompany a friend on a lifelong ambition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in October, he knew it would be no mean feat.


Making the Habit of a Lifetime

Ever made a new year’s resolution and managed to stick to it for longer than a few weeks? Most good intentions to get in shape, lose weight, and so on, have usually got up and gone altogether by Easter – if you even make it that far. We’ve all been there: breaking old habits and creating better ones is straightforward enough isn’t it?





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